Welcome to SCIENTIA Productions

Scientia Productions is a small independent production company specializing in high quality documentaries dedicated to authentic educational television, documentary production and innovative educational websites. We feature the research of many of the world's best academics and scholars presented in multiple formats from web-based video to 1080p High Definition Television. Our staff consists of academics that specialize in New Media Applications, specifically HD video and web-based communication. The company is committed to the principles of academic freedom, quality educational experiences, 'qualified' research and conveying that research to society. Scientia evolved to fill a niche communicating academic research results for applications in society, including formal and informal education and policy development and planning for sustainable futures.

James Byrne, Ph.D., is Professor and Chair of Geography at the University of Lethbridge. Dr. Byrne has an extensive science publication list in environmental change, and he is lead scientist and producer on the a number of New Media Productions, including the Award winning Three-part series Global Change (2002) and Water Under Fire (2004). Global Change was best educational production for 2002 at the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards, and received a Summit International Achievement Award in 2003 for Global Change: Witnessing the Impacts.

Leanne Little is an educator and communication specialist. Her interest in effective educational communication comes from both her own classroom experience and her involvement in developing evaluation methods. Her scholarship is in the area of English and she also has extensive experience in the editing the work of various disciplines. Facilitating the clear and correct communication of authentic science, and thus making it accessible in the classroom and to the public, is of utmost importance to her. She has had a stellar academic career where she received many scholarships and awards including a prestigious SSHRC graduate scholarship.