The Team
James Byrne

James Byrne is Professor and Chair of Geography at the University of Lethbridge. Jim expertise is global environmental change. He has an extensive publication list, and has given expert testimony to environmental hearings and legal proceedings on climate change, water and environmental issues. James is the lead scientist and producer of the 2002 award winning Global Change three-part Television series; and served the same role for the 2004 seven-part TV series Water under Fire. Those TV series have been in broadcast on five Canadian networks. He is a founding member of the Canadian Water Network (CWN), serving as National Theme Leader in Water Resources Management and a member of the CWN Research Management Committee from 2001-04. He continues to work on environmental change and climate and water modelling, and leads several international initiatives in science communication and education.

Leanne Little

Leanne Little is an educator and communication specialist. Her interest in effective educational communication comes from both her own classroom experience and her involvement in developing evaluation methods. Her scholarship is in the area of English and she also has extensive experience in the editing the work of various disciplines. Facilitating the clear and correct communication of authentic science, and thus making it accessible in the classroom and to the public, is of utmost importance to her. She has had a stellar academic career where she received many scholarships and awards including a prestigious SSHRC graduate scholarship.

Kyle Dodgson

Originally from the interior of British Columbia, Kyle Dodgson headed for the prairies 6 years ago and has since completed his BFA in New Media (2008) at the University of Lethbridge and become a multi-faceted media producer in Southern Alberta. He is currently working to complete his MA Multidisciplinary (2011) thesis project at the University of Lethbridge, a documentary concerning global environmental change in the oceans.

Stephen McGlenn Stephen McGlenn was the original score composer for Choking Lake Winnipeg.
Annabree Fairweather

Annabree Fairweather has an MSc from the University of Lethbridge. She currently lives in Lethbridge with her wife and pet rabbit. She is passionate about the cause of the Choking Lake Winnipeg documentary.

Brendan Browne

Brendan Browne is 25 years of age and has a Multidisciplinary B.F.A. in Art and New Media from the University of Lethbridge. Brendan enjoys making art in an array of media and is always looking for a new medium to add to his repertoire. He also enjoys long walks on algae-free beaches.

James Hodgson James Hodgson was the lead 3d modeler for Choking Lake Winnipeg.